DeLarue Building Co.



DeLarue Building Co. is owned and operated by August DeLarue in Salida, CO and was founded in 2014. We provide custom home building services in the Upper Arkansas River Valley area of Colorado. We are most passionate about building science, energy efficiency, communication, and helping you navigate the process of building your new home. 

Prior to a career in construction management, founder of Delarue Building Company, August Delarue attended the US Coast Guard Academy where he met his wife, Ashley. After graduating from the CGA, August served 6 years Active Duty in the US Coast Guard as an officer, where he learned the most valuable skills that a home builder can have; respect, leadership, attention to detail, and professionalism.

After moving to Salida in 2005, August was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and apprentice for a local master homebuilder with over 25 years of experience. As an apprentice, August was able to manage and build over 65 homes for his customers, all the while honing his skills related to Building Science, Energy Efficiency, Organization, and Communication.  In 2014, Delarue Building Company was created.

Seven years later, our company has an established reputation for treating clients with the respect they deserve, creating homes using the latest in innovation techniques and making the process of home building special and unique to every client.

August and the entire team at DeLarue Building Company looks forward to the opportunity to help you build your Colorado Dream.