DeLarue Building Co.

Builder's Notes

A look towards 2018

With the new year, brings opportunity to reflect on this past year and look ahead to what matters most to us here at DBC. We are still experiencing a tremendous amount of growth here in the Upper Arkansas River Valley.  Our sleepy little town is experiencing a bit of a boom (thanks OUTSIDE Magazine!) and our growth in the past few years is unprecedented.

Not only is there a growing demand for high end custom homes, but also for scaled down, energy efficient homes, "tiny homes," and affordable housing.  Our little town sometimes moves at a slower pace than the rest of the world (the reason that most of us want to live here.)  When applied to construction, this can be a bit of a double edged sword.  But because we are so busy and working hard to keep up with the pace of development, its even more important to pause from time to time and reflect on what is most important to us.

First, we want happy, satisfied clients who have designed and built a home that can last them a lifetime.  We also want to enjoy the process.  The old adage, "it's the journey, not the destination" on the surface, may not seem to apply to construction.  But what fun is it building a house, if the challenges and stressers, surmount the creativity, inspiration, and excitement that comes from building a home?  I had a client joke once that I was her therapist as much as I was her builder. That's because our job is to not only build a house for our clients, but to help them navigate the process in a way that is enjoyable and rewarding.  To help them remember to take a breath when the the road gets rocky.

Typically this is best achieved when we aren't in a hurry. When our contractors can take the time to perform their craft to the best of their ability and when they aren't rushed.  When we can take the time to design the home carefully, and work through the home room by room.  Of course, there is always a a bit of of conflict between time and the budget. On our best projects, we achieve the perfect balance between the reality of the numbers and allowing the process to be guided by thoughtfulness and timed decision making.  This is when we are at our best. We get our most satisfied clients, continue to grow the important relationships with our tradesman and craftsmen, and feel excited about the home we all created.  

May 2018 bring a new year of great homes, happy clients, and DBC the satisfaction of a job well done.

August Delarue