DeLarue Building Co.

Company Values


Our company culture revolves around mutual respect between Client/Builder, Builder/Tradesman and Client/Tradesman. Each holds mutual appreciation and admiration for the strengths and qualities that each team member brings. The positive and respectful process our team creates during building a custom home is of equal importance as the final product.


Innovation is our constant pursuit of new and better ways to accomplish our goals for each home and our workplace. Just “doing” things the way they’ve always been done” isn’t good enough for today’s clients, nor is it fun! In order to give clients, the best, most comfortable, durable, efficient and cost effective home, continuous innovation and using every tool at our disposal must be at the forefront of our daily decision making. We are passionate about learning and understanding all of the science and practices involved with building a custom home.


We communicate with our clients, tradespeople, and vendors with openness, honesty, and with full transparency. In order to maintain authenticity, we must communicate openly with each other, install confidence in our team and our clients, listen to ideas, and have a sincere desire to create the best home possible.