DeLarue Building Co.

Client Perspectives


Mr. August DeLarue was the construction supervisor when my house was built in Salida in 2010. The house was constructed in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Salida. I was interested in a house that was close to net-zero source energy, which required modifications to the original design. I engineered the changes for lower energy consumption, and for solar energy collection, but meeting the goals required very careful attention to detail, like sealing every penetration of pipes or wiring not only from inside to outside, but also through every stud in the structure. Further, the exterior studs were sealed where the OSB meets the studs. This sealing results in low air leakage as measured by blower door tests. Mr. DeLarue worked with the subcontractors to make sure this work was done carefully and completely. Mr. DeLarue was a pleasure to work with throughout the construction process, and the attention to detail and house energy performance exceeded expectations

— Lee D. - Salida, CO

August Delarue