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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost a lot more to build a passive building compared to a conventional equivalent?

Currently, a passive building typically costs about 5-10% more than a conventional building. In general, the larger the building the less of a cost difference there is. Also, as more large-scale window and door manufacturers bring high-performance products to market, economies of scale are expected to drive down costs. 

What is it like to live in a passive house? Can you open the doors and windows?

Passive houses and buildings are extremely comfortable in all seasons. That's because there are no drafts, temperature variance is extremely narrow (even near doors and windows), and active, balanced ventilation makes for superb indoor air quality. And yes, passive house owners open their doors and windows just as they would in a conventional home. 

Do passive buildings all have to look the same?

Nope! Although many early passive homes used an austere European style, passive design does not dictate aesthetics. PHIUS has certified projects in dozens of styles ranging from Cape Cods to traditional Four Squares, contemporary multifamily projects, and more.