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Client Perspectives

August DeLarue kept us in the loop from start to finish!

Building a custom home is complicated. Doing it from a distance of 900 miles makes it harder still. August DeLarue kept us in the loop from start to finish. His patience with us was admirable and appreciated. Were there hiccups? Yes - I said it was complicated - but August stepped up to make it right, taking responsibility. August was the calm in the storm, with a smile on his face, getting it done in a timely manner. The end result was a well-built, high quality, beautiful home. We worked well together and didn’t hate each other at the end. To the contrary, we now consider August our friend. We are thrilled with the house August built for us and highly recommend him to build yours.

D. & R. Easterling - Salida, CO

August Delarue
We love our new Salida home built with care by August DeLarue! We really enjoy working with August!

The process of designing and building a new home from a distance over an almost 2-year period was challenging and exciting. We were living in Albuquerque, NM during this time and moved to Salida when our house was done (April 2018). We had many anxious moments – thinking about details, making decisions, waiting to see the progress, watching the costs accumulate. August made it possible and he made it enjoyable. He listened to our needs and coached us through the whole process in a calm and caring way.

After one meeting with August we knew we wanted him to be our builder. He heard us and his comments were in sync with our desires. He helped us choose an architect and he was instrumental in the design process helping to solve design/build questions quickly, usually providing several options. My notes of what we wanted at the very start of this project included:
• Having a fully collaborative experience between us, the architect and August.
• Building a home with “beautiful/handsome simplicity” and “warm, welcoming and easy comfort”.
• Construction with “excellent craftsmanship”.
Amazingly, all of these goals were met. August was the glue that held the project together and allowed all of these things to be fulfilled.

Qualities of August that we especially appreciate:
• grounded
• focused
• responsive
• communicative
• knowledgeable
• creative
• detail oriented
• responsible
• family and community centered.
And he chooses the best possible local subcontractors and tradespeople to do high quality work and get the job done.

Thank you August! We will enjoy our new DeLarue built home for many years to come!

P. Vosburgh - Salida, CO

August Delarue
"Thanks August, this project happened because of you"

August DeLarue executed a large project in Poncha Springs, CO for a unique, high-profile development that has received praise and adoration in the community.  Poncha Crest Cabins were architecturally unique and required an extra level of attention to building methods and creativity.  August was supportive in making the cabins eco-friendly and energy efficient.  Because it was a unique project, August employed himself extensively to work as my advocate with the town and county to allow this project to get carried out and to make it happen.  Thanks August, this project happened because of you.  

Angie J. - Salida, CO

August Delarue
"August is in a class by himself"

August DeLarue is an exceptional builder! His professionalism, attention to detail, and great listening skills made this project enjoyable and rewarding. His creative solutions for our small city lot set a new paradigm for a home in downtown Salida. There are many fine builders in Salida, but August is in a class by himself! Highly recommended!
- Joanie M. - Salida, CO

August Delarue

DeLarue was project manager for Pinion Development when we contracted to have a single family home built. From project start thru completion we were in regular contact with PM. In addition, we were provided photos of work completed at major milestones. We visited the work site three times prior to final inspection and DeLarue was our "hands on" host. His recommendations and assistance with minor change orders were positive and always spot on. This was the fifth house that we built over the years...this PM was the best by far, and the completed home was better because of his expertise. If we build again, DeLarue would get the nod

— Cliff W. - Salida, CO

August Delarue

Mr. August DeLarue was the construction supervisor when my house was built in Salida in 2010. The house was constructed in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Salida. I was interested in a house that was close to net-zero source energy, which required modifications to the original design. I engineered the changes for lower energy consumption, and for solar energy collection, but meeting the goals required very careful attention to detail, like sealing every penetration of pipes or wiring not only from inside to outside, but also through every stud in the structure. Further, the exterior studs were sealed where the OSB meets the studs. This sealing results in low air leakage as measured by blower door tests. Mr. DeLarue worked with the subcontractors to make sure this work was done carefully and completely. Mr. DeLarue was a pleasure to work with throughout the construction process, and the attention to detail and house energy performance exceeded expectations

— Lee D. - Salida, CO

August Delarue

When we built a new home in a very nice development near Salida, August DeLarue was our project manager. We were impressed from the start with his professionalism. We were living out of state during the construction and August kept us at ease with frequent communication and regular photos of the construction. He quickly responded to any questions or concerns with detailed information we could rely on. He was very open and accommodating to modifications we requested and five years later we continue to be impressed with the quality of our home. The home was completed a couple weeks ahead of schedule and was the most pleasant home building experience we have ever had. I would not hesitate to recommend August to anyone.

— Shirley H. - Salida, CO

August Delarue

August was the project manager, and my primary contact, during the DATE construction of our Craftsman style home. Though our home included builders plans, we did quite a few customizations, which never presented a problem for August (or, for us!). Unlike some folks, building a new home was never something I aspired to do. But thanks to August, he made the entire process as smooth, and even enjoyable, as I think is possible. His honesty, attention to detail, and communication skills are superb. I would build another new home with August in a New York Minute!

— Mark W. - Salida, CO

August Delarue
August is a superb builder and a pleasure to work with. He listened well and then executed what we asked for. The quality of the work was better than expected and everything was done on time or sooner than promised. He has good ideas and communicates clearly and pleasantly. He built us a house we are proud of with quality materials throughout. I can recommend him without reservations. It should be a satisfying and fun process.

— Nanette L. - Salida, CO

August Delarue