DeLarue Building Co.

Comfort - Efficiency - Durability

Our philosophy

While each custom home is different in many aspects, it is our goal to build you the most comfortable, efficient, and beautiful home possible within your budget by employing our extensive background and passion for building science, engineering, renewable and passive energy sources.


From the initial phases of design and budgeting, we will discuss our standard 'baseline' features that incorporate building science and energy-efficiency standards.  These include, but are not limited to the following major items:

- Passive energy sources / site conditions

- Foundation design

- Advanced framing techniques

- Advanced insulation materials and best practices

- Mechanical systems

- Moisture management

- Air infiltration

- Indoor air quality

- Lighting

- Building materials / product sourcing

- Building site grading / re-vegetation


We are always seeking out and educating ourselves about intelligent new methods and products that can add to your home's comfort, efficiency, and durability.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss the many options available to you and our recommendations that fit your budget and specific project.  

Also, we have extensive experience with third-party energy rating programs such as:

- Passive House (DBC is a certified Passive House Builder)

- Energy Star for Homes

- Built Green Colorado

- LEED for homes