DeLarue Building Co.

Client Perspectives

We love our new Salida home built with care by August DeLarue! We really enjoy working with August!

The process of designing and building a new home from a distance over an almost 2-year period was challenging and exciting. We were living in Albuquerque, NM during this time and moved to Salida when our house was done (April 2018). We had many anxious moments – thinking about details, making decisions, waiting to see the progress, watching the costs accumulate. August made it possible and he made it enjoyable. He listened to our needs and coached us through the whole process in a calm and caring way.

After one meeting with August we knew we wanted him to be our builder. He heard us and his comments were in sync with our desires. He helped us choose an architect and he was instrumental in the design process helping to solve design/build questions quickly, usually providing several options. My notes of what we wanted at the very start of this project included:
• Having a fully collaborative experience between us, the architect and August.
• Building a home with “beautiful/handsome simplicity” and “warm, welcoming and easy comfort”.
• Construction with “excellent craftsmanship”.
Amazingly, all of these goals were met. August was the glue that held the project together and allowed all of these things to be fulfilled.

Qualities of August that we especially appreciate:
• grounded
• focused
• responsive
• communicative
• knowledgeable
• creative
• detail oriented
• responsible
• family and community centered.
And he chooses the best possible local subcontractors and tradespeople to do high quality work and get the job done.

Thank you August! We will enjoy our new DeLarue built home for many years to come!

P. Vosburgh - Salida, CO

August Delarue