DeLarue Building Co.


Financing options and payment information


If lender financing is needed for your project, we can refer you to some trusted, locally-based lenders who can discuss their construction financing products.

 Cost-Plus Fee

This approach is our preferred method of payment / pricing for all custom home projects.  A cost - plus fee pricing allows for greater flexibility with your budget. The final project cost can be higher or lower depending on current materials/labor costs as well as your home's specifications.  However, the benefit is that the owner pays the actual cost of construction plus the builder's markup, which is a fixed fee.

This is commonly referred to as an "open book" project, where builder and client will review all of the costs of construction together on a regular basis throughout the process. The fee that you pay to DeLarue Building Co. does not fluctuate and is fixed.  (Note: this is different than a straight ‘cost-plus’ approach, where the entire fee / markup fluctuates up or down with the cost of the project.)

We believe that this approach to custom home construction is the best approach for all involved as it creates transparency, and allows the owners to be more involved in budget management / etc.  


Fixed pricing, or other cost-plus options may be discussed / used depending on unique circumstances or the type of project.  Please ask DBC if you are interested in discussing other payment / pricing options.